The Ganges Orchestra's 4 track EP features instrumentals which were recorded for inclusion on the Indipop CompilAsian albums in the 1980's.

The Ganges Orchestra is an occasional recording outfit consisting of Steve Coe, a featured vocalist or instrumentalist, and whoever else turns up at the studio! The resulting musical spontaneity is later structured, and polished at the mixing sessions.

During the 1980's Steve Coe would work on these one-off recordings in between producing Sheila Chandra's solo albums for Indipop records.

"The Dream" was the first recording Steve Coe made after working on the Monsoon project during 1982-83.

Of special note is the 12" version of "The Dream" which achieved a certain notoriety when Indipop released it in 1983 as a limited edition vinyl pressing.... it was the first release ever to include a free joss stick! (Therefore sweet smelling vinyl!)

The Ganges Orchestra collaborated with Sheila Chandra on her projects "EEP1+ EEP2" and "This Sentence is True" which the Indipop label have recently re-released for download

Most recently in January 2013 Sheila Chandra and the Ganges Orchestra's "Pure Drones" Vol I- III is the latest release on Indipop Records initially for download only. (More information on this release elsewhere on this website)

Of special interest to all those vinyl collectors out there, celebrating 30 years after the original release, "The Dream" is being re-issued for a limited time in Spring 2013 on Emotional rescue (re-issue label)

THE DREAM (12" and radio edit)
The Dream features Pandit Dinesh on a variety of Indian percussion. Instruments to be heard on this track include: tabla, congas, duggis, slide guitar, morcing, log drum, soprano sax, shehnai, claptrap, tabla bols.

This track features Himanghu Goswarmi's vocals and rapid CD sampling over various drones. Paul James plays shehnai/shawm and soprano sax. Besides several Ganges Orchestra tracks, Paul has also played on Monsoon and Sheila Chandra's recording projects.

A lamenting shehnai (brilliantly played by Kadir Durvesh), street recordings from Kerala, thavil drum recorded in Madras/chemai (Bani Studios), eqtara and a relentless (symbolically "Western") bass riff and drums....Every sound tells a picture, tells a story.

Ganges Orchestra