1996 (Real World)



"This album, the third for Real World, gives you the fullest access possible to Chandra's imagination. Its melodies are within the bones of the drone."

"People who don't create regularly from scratch, critics or journalists who interpret other's work for example, in my experience, find it difficult to understand that most creators do not create from a little bit of this and that, but that they create from a piece of nothingness where things spontaneously arise. That is the place of the unknowable and in our lives it is very difficult to live with what is not known (yet), even though "I don't know" is essential to true change and growth. Instead we're taught to find the answers to everything, and we have to quantify everything, we have to have the cash flow chart for the next five years!

Things don't happen like that, but we run our lives as if they do and that's why our lives break down. Who do we turn to? We turn to the artist to express our pain, we turn to the artist to provide inspiration. But I think we turn to the artist because on a psychological level we know that the artist is comfortable living with the unknown. The artist has had to face the unknown, had to make a living today out of something which didn't exist yesterday and we take comfort from that."