(A Real World Retrospective)

1999 (Real World)



This compilation features some of the best work for Real World with two additional new tracks.

As with several of Sheila's other solo albums, it was a Billboard World music Top 10 album.

"I believe that my musical heritage comes not specifically from my own culture. I believe I am heir to a universal form of inspiration. Singing for my own enjoyment as a teenager, music became a form of catharsis for me. I was insular and inarticulate. Singing became my primary means of expression. Early on in my career I realised there was no-one in my genre to teach me the rules. I had to discover my own musical principles by myself. These factors have made me pragmatic, fiercely independent, and voice- led. When I write I go into a mental space where I'm not female, I'm not Asian, I am nothing but a curious mind, and for me the impulse to create often comes out of things I don't hear. I make albums I know I can't go out and buy."