Roots & Wings

1989 (Indipop)



Roots and Wings (1989) was Sheila's 5th solo album after leaving Monsoon.

It followed a 4 year sabbatical during which she further developed her already highly impressive and distinctive vocal style. In the 1990's the album was in Billboard's Top 20 New Age charts for many weeks. Several tracks feature Sheila's weaved vocals and lively Indian percussion.

Five tracks 'One', 'Roots and Wings', 'Lament of McCrimmon', 'Mecca', and 'Shanti, Shanti, Shanti' (reprise) introduce the seminal, highly influential solo voice and drone style that she developed so successfully on her Real World trilogy of albums.

"Drones are magical things in terms of what they will allow me to do: (1) structurally - use any fixed note scale (rag)and a drone will both anchor and accentuate it (2)psychologically - instant atmosphere-the singer feels supported and (3) creatively - I 'hear' melodies in the harmonics of the drone."